The Birth of A Brand...

While each of our little girls is unique and special, their fashion and style should be, too!  Posh Tomboy™ was created for the little girl whose parent is obsessed with their child looking her best (and is a bit of a fashion addict just the same). Our Tommies are mini fashionistas who love head-turning clothing and is obsessed with tutus, even in her favorite hi-tops! She loves a good Mani and Pedi or a day filled with shopping, but make no mistakes; she can keep up with the little fellas in the playground, as well.

While comfort is paramount in any child's wardrobe, being in the spotlight is high on a Posh Tomboy's list when choosing an outfit! We strive to offer innovative designs (maybe a little unorthodox) for a confident girl who possesses a bold personality and doesn't mind a few stares in admiration of her #ootd. Our creative team is influenced by gender-neutral fashion, a tomboy's aesthetic, and the love of a good ruffly tutu.

Our brand includes both Signature and Capsule Collections. Our signature pieces are those that the brand will always carry with a possible color revision to compliment a capsule collection. Our capsule collections are themed-based and limited edition. Capsule collections are usually #trendingtopics or based on memorable events, while our signature collection offers essentials and classic designs.