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Posh Tomboy

Never Faux Posh Blue Statement T-shirt

Never Faux Posh Blue Statement T-shirt

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Fashion should never be boring or faux posh! Introducing this newest addition to our shirt selection - the Never Faux Posh Statement T-shirt. We know Posh Tomboys™ have lots to say, but it's always better said through fashion! And because we wanted to tell the world that we are ALWAYS posh, we decided to make it sparkle. This super lightweight top will be a fan favorite as we introduce a more slender silhouette and a unique set of sleeves that add that magical touch to any bottom. Try it with any of our new denim or Tommie 'Tus!

  • 100% light-weight cotton
  • Gold glitter vinyl graphic design
  • Long-sleeved slender fitting t-shirt
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